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A bunch of very interesting individuals sharing the same passion in making a powerful mark in the digital future.

Collaborative culture is the foundation upon we're built on. 

Together we share a common goal: your success.

Each and every single person is an essential part of the team. Yes we are a designers, system developers, marketing and sales professionals but we are so much more than that here.

Started by millennials with solutions for every generation.

Meet our parent company:
PT. Jasuindo Tiga Perkasa Tbk has been in the security printing industry creating products that offers secure solutions for businesses and government bodies since 1990. Pretty cool, right?

In 2021, they brought us all in and started digitalizing a lot of their products. Our team started to grow as we take on more projects and it was time for us to stand on our own and continue to blaze our trail in this digital world. 

Meet The Team

Hello Teman SAM.

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